Sunday, November 20, 2016

ISTANBUL: A matter of time?

As a further demonstration of how one can use our FDL method, we give below a comprehensive way although complicated looking method, the result of which proposes a possible future earthquake location in Istanbul. Here follows the analysis.
1) We have all 4-5R earthquakes in Greece (green dots) this year.
2) Also, all the >5R events in Greece this year (2016) in red color.
3)Via the 5R earthquakes we do Horizontal, Vertical, and two sideways fibonacci lines. In total 4 sets. The selection of the seeds, are shown on the map.
4)For the selections we have chosen, all of them converge/cluster North of Istanbul. We have found easily a 5th set converging also to the same location, but we do not show it here as it gets really busy. It could be more.
5)This way our method has identified a high probability location. What needs to be identified also  is WHEN. For the timing as we all know FDL is superb. So, here we have shown by use of an example a way of locating high probability locations. There maybe more regions, but we simply show this one for illustrative purpose. I am not saying it is going to happen tomorrow or on any specific date, but only that locations of the earthquakes ALREADY occurred this year in Greece  resonate also in Istanbul (North). Better to know this than not.

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