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Date: 1st November 2016
Period Covered: 1st  - 30th November 2016

This is our TWELTH brief  bulletin covering the period of 1st-30th  November 2016 covering a summary of all the predictions already published but they are being pulled together in this bulletin.
We have the following notables during this period.
1st November 2016            Lunar Apogee
3rd November 2016            Mercury Apogeee
9th November 2016            Moon conjunct South Node, Mars enters Aquarius
10th November 2016          Saturn semi-Sextile Pluto
11th November 2016          Venus enters Capricorn
12th November 2016          Mercury enters Sagittarius
14th November 2016          Moon perigee,  Moon Opposite Sun  FULL MOON 22Taurus
19th November 2016          Neptune Station Direct, also greater southern declination
21st November 2016          Sun enters Sagittarius, Jupiter Biquintile Neptune
22nd November 2016         Moon conjunct North Node
24th November 2016          Jupiter square Pluto
28th November 2016         Moon Apogee
29th November 2016         Moon conjunct Sun NEW MOON 7 Sagittarius


1st November 2016                       EARTH Sextile Mars
2nd -4th November 2016              EARTH Sextile Neptune 
6th November 2016                      Jupiter sesquiquadrate Venus
7th November 2016                      Uranus sextile Venus, Mercury sextile Mercury
8th November 2016                      EARTH Trine Pluto
9th November 2016                      EARTH Trine Pluto and EARTH quincunx Saturn, Mercury Square Neptune
10th November 2016                    EARTH quincunx Saturn, Mercury Square Neptune
11th November 2016                   Saturn conjunct Mercury and Sun
12th November 2016                    EARTH cuincunx Mercury
13th November 2016                    EARTH  sesquiquadrate Jupiter
15th November 2016                    EARTH sextile Chiron
18th November 2016                    Mars square Saturn
19th November 2016                    Jupiter square Mercury and Mars square Saturn
21st November 2016                    EARTH sextile Black Moon and EARTH  sesquiquadrate Pluto
23rd November 2016                    EARTH sesquiquadrateMercury
28th November 2016                   EARTH Trine Mercury
29-30th November 2016              EARTH Trine Jupiter

Looking at the prediction posts which we have published in here under "Predictions", we see the following things shaping up. Let us look at them one at a time.

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