Saturday, November 5, 2016

Chile earthquake rocks Santiago with 6.4 magnitude tremor

Chile's emergency office Onemi have called the earthquake a "major" seismic event.
The U.S. Geological Survey said the epicentre of the quake was about 45 miles northeast of Talca and southeast of the capital, at a depth of about 56 miles.
There have been reports that telephone lines are not working following the earthquake in Santiago, Chile, but no injuries or deaths have been reported.
The navy have said the earthquake is unlikely to generate a tsunami off the coastline.
A witness in Santiago said: "It started slowly but became stronger, then decreased in intensity again. It was fairly long."

The earthquake happened at 1.21 pm local time.
Chile is a country which is susceptible to earthquakes.
Onemi said: “There have been no initial reports of injuries or damages to infrastructure from this quake.”
Chile evacuation practise GETTY
Teachers evacuate children to higher ground during an earthquake and tsunami drill this week
Shakes have also been felt in Argentina, which neighbours Chile.
In September of last year, one million people fled their homes in Chile after a 8.3 earthquake stuck the country even sparking tsunami warnings in New Zealand.
Chile often has practice drills and builders follow strict construction codes, which help to limit death and destruction when tremors hit.
The most powerful earthquake in history, which measured 9.5 on the richter scale, was recorded in Chile in 1960 when upto 6,000 people were killed.
Chile lies on the Pacific Ocean’s “Ring of Fire”, which is a seismically turbulent region where many volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occur.
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