Sunday, November 13, 2016

5.7R in Argentina!

Although we do not do Argentina, here we have a very strong 5.7R in the region of Catamarca. It is hard to separate Chile from Argentina, with simplistic software but we can see a peak in Chile's calendar today. This earthquake is near the border enough. Just to show you yesterday's TEC Rate stress over the region although we point out that one precursor is not enough in most cases to be a followed by an earthquake. So as indicator we show the map below.


mb 5.7
Date time2016-11-13 01:01:51.0 UTC
Location28.10 S ; 67.29 W
Depth118 km
Distances475 km NW of Córdoba, Argentina / pop: 1,429,000 / local time: 22:01:51.0 2016-11-12
152 km N of La Rioja, Argentina / pop: 163,000 / local time: 22:01:51.0 2016-11-12
27 km E of Tinogasta, Argentina / pop: 14,600 / local time: 22:01:51.0 2016-11-12
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