Monday, November 28, 2016

3.7R in Kerkira Region

I post this not because it is a great earthquake to pick up, in fact some will even accuse me if I predict only <4R events. Yesterday I posted some locations and Greece was one of them to appear today. For Greece we posted the location of a possible event.
This morning I notice we have had this 3.7R nearby, (60km approx. away from prediction location) and if you like to compare them, as a demonstration of our location prediction method, a research we carry out.
 Be Safe Be Good!




ML 3.7
Date time2016-11-28 05:22:11.0 UTC
Location39.99 N ; 19.80 E
Depth2 km
Distances149 km S of Tirana, Albania / pop: 375,000 / local time: 06:22:11.0 2016-11-28
30 km W of Gjirokastër, Albania / pop: 23,500 / local time: 06:22:11.0 2016-11-28
13 km S of Himarë, Albania / pop: 4,600 / local time: 06:22:11.0 2016-11-28
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