Monday, October 3, 2016

New Zealand: Earthquake Predictions for October 2016

It is the first time to our knowledge that a published research-based technique is used as a systematic predicting tool for earthquakes. Our methods are experimental hence we test them in real time and we will be publishing our predictions regularly. Please note the disclaimer at the end. We expect an accuracy for the prediction of +-1 day from the peak dates in the charts. 

In the following diagram we can see for New Zealand the Earthquake predictions for October 2016.

For this period we observe that there is a MEDIUM*- probability to have an earthquake about >4.5 R in the region of New Zealand on 15th, 22nd  October  offer smaller magnitude as shown below:

The probability Scales are as follows: *SMALL (<40%) MEDIUM (40-60%) and HIGH (>60%)

You can read our methodology here

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  1. Hi I am interested to know why the nz dates of significance are the 15th and 22nd however on the global prediction these dates show as 0

    1. the global data are not predicted using NZ data unless 7R, the global data are using all earthquakes over 7R for making the prediction calendar. NZ however is using lower richter as the common earthquakes there are less than 7.

  2. Hi, ok the Global earthquakes are for >6R only. Otherwise we would be one every day. I guess the method says NZ may get one <6R, and therefore it is not registering on Global..

  3. Hi so when is next big earthquake in nz please and what location

  4. Well the NZ data are here. Location takes a lot of my time and at the moment I am sinking with exams. I am marking.