Thursday, October 13, 2016

NEPAL: Peak tomorrow?

To all my dear friends and readers from Nepal, it is this time of month again to release another brief report about possible vulnerability in your region covering 14th -16th October 2016. The prediction date is for 14th October, but as you know it is possible to have +or - one day so we cover from 14th to 16th for safety. I would also like to remind my readers that predicting Nepal has not been easy and often it is not turning out as predicted.  So this is just to be cautious JUST IN CASE things turn up as our method instructs us. So having said this, let us proceed.
You can see the region encircled, with two dots the possible spots using our method which have been isolated. Again I remind you this is using JUST our method and others may disagree. So, You can see the region probably most vulnerable is in red North of Kathmandu.
This time we have used new tools for location so we will see if this works out.

Nepal's prediction Calendar shows tomorrow as havng a good peak.

So let us summarise:

WHEN: 14th October 2016 (Note +-1 day)
1) 28.34N, 85.16E  
2) 27.44N, 85.16E    
Very close together they are near Gathang?

TIME: The question is, if it happens on 14th, what time would it be possible?
We seem to have a choice of times and we estimate 09:13GMT, or 13:51 GMT, or 18:15 GMT

MAGNITUDE: Again we think about 4.5R is possible.

Be Safe Be Good!

Addendum: 16th October

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