Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Planets on 21st September 2016

Alignments: The main alignments are listed below....

1) MERCURY or better CHIRON- EARTH-NEPTUNE   (Note mercury is STATION on 21st)
2)URANUS-EARTH-VENUS within 4 degrees aligned.
4) MOON: The moon is 115 degrees to the SUN, ie the angle SUN - EARTH- MOON is 115 degrees.
                    The angle MERCURY-EARTH-MOON is about 100 degrees.
                    The angle URANUS-EARTH-MOON is 42 degrees.

We superimposed above the map of the estimated solar wind (representing well enough the magnetic field, to the planets location for the day.
Mercury, Earth, Moon and Venus are Sun's positive field. Mercury being diamagnetic resonates NEGATIVELY.
Neptune has a negative field, on the opposite side, of Mercury being negative too.
So we have a situation   - + - The plus is the earth. So the earth is being pulled on either side oppositely by Mercury and Neptune. So theoretically this is enhancing the days activities!!!!

Uranus has negative field pulling the earths positive filed.

Jupiter Sun Earth are all positive so I guess this means the earth will be pushed away.

OVERALL, Magnetically speaking, even if this analysis is not so accurate, but back of the envelope, it seems tomorrow especially due to the Mercury alignment we should see stronger events than today with perhaps >6R.

Acknowledgement to Gordon Rutherford for useful discussions on magnetics.

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