Thursday, September 15, 2016

NEPAL: The susceptibility window is now open.

Just for my friends and readers from Nepal, the following is a small quick study of tomorrows possible event.
I would say again and again that this is not certain especially when MEXICO had an event just today. Mexico is like a complementary country and I use it as a guide. I hope the Mexico event will act as inhibitor and Nepal may not get any events. However, as this is not certain, I show you below the possble locations in case we do see some activity. (I think I made myself clear?).

The suspected locations for Nepal are below, and you need the map to see where the locations are:

Date: 16-September-2016 (could be very early on GMT)

A: (28.3N,   81.52E)
B: (28.31N  83.05E)
C: (28.3N,   83.37)
D: (28.3N   84.02E)
E: (27.41N  85.25E)

The intenity about 5.0R

The possible (approx.) TIME See map for the corresponding locations
A:  At 04:54 GMT
B: 18:16 GMT
C: 18:53 GMT
D: 20:05GMT, at the Eclipse!
E: 08:45GMT  OR at 12:15 GMT

Location E looks more likely!!

Below see our Prediction Calendar for Nepal for this month for reference.

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  1. As long as it's not a big one, we have nothing to worry about :)