Saturday, September 17, 2016

Greece is getting ready for a decent shake

This afternoon as we can see from the animation sequence the TEC Rate over Greece swang negative and back up huge positive indicating a stress addon there, getting ready for an event? We expect one!
Be Safe Be Good!

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  1. According to other theories, no major quake is expected in Greece for a few more weeks. 3.4R in the Ionian a few hours ago is more or less what was expected.

  2. The peak expected according to my Fibonacci work is on 18th. However there is a series of peaks around it which indicates that there is a probability for good earthquakes all the way to the 20th. (See predictions for Greece in September). So the Ionospheric swings are consistent with my work so far. Today, (late 17th Sep) we saw a good number of 3.4R events indicating a dispersion. However one cannot be sure before the 20th according to the work done on this website. Further down the line the ionospheric indicator points near the end of the month being possible towards the end or beginnng October for stronger events.