Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dream with your Neptune and Prepare to Break the Chains of Saturn

Mercury Retrograde but in Virgo, opposes eventually Neptune. Some of the key ideas specific to this Mercury Retrograde cycle include: over-the-top criticism of others without giving equal criticism to oneself; yet, being overly self-critical with respect to past efforts where the outcomes were less than perfect.  To the extent we can use the Energy Influences of this Mercury Retrograde cycle for depth analysis of ideas and/or changes we may wish to implement after this cycle has ended, we will very likely come through it feeling more renewed than beat up by its power. Methodical is an understatement for the precision we need to use in planning what and when we can “get on with it”… whatever “it” is.
Mercury Retrograde is definitely NOT the time to start a new relationship, a new job, or long-term project — let alone a new career; it is not the time enter into binding commitments (marriage, financial, or otherwise) without the absolute expectation of necessary modifications, alternative compromises and/or reversals in the original plan and/or intent. Unless it’s an emergency, it is generally not a good idea make or go to medical appointments during Mercury Retrograde.
It is not the time for repairs to machinery or automobiles in particular; chances are, repairs have to be made to the repair! It IS the time to chill – to *think* more than we expand our activities; plan what to change and how to move forward after Mercury Retrograde ends. Think of it as an *opportunity* that comes around 3 or occasionally 4 times in a year.
NO ONE escapes the discomfort of Mercury Retrograde — wherever we have Gemini, or Virgo in our natal charts, we are going to experience the effects of any Mercury Retrograde cycle.
Saturn square Neptune  creates tests and challenges in achieving your hopes and dreams. These tests and challenges can be psychological in the form of guilt, fears and anxieties. You may also face delays and restrictions from other people or events in your life.
This is a karmic aspect so you do experience some hardships in order to raise your consciousness and liberate yourself of some negative karma. Time, self-discipline, patience and persistence will all help in overcoming any fears and lead to the achievement of your hopes and dreams. Neptune governs creative and artistic pursuits such as music, dance and film.
Fear, paranoia and addictions are some things to avoid with this aspect. It may appear that you have to deal with more disappointment or tragedy than most others. These dark experiences will give you all the life experience and determination you need. Seeking out further adventure in the dark side though drugs or other forms of self-abuse is not needed. You will be more vulnerable than most to getting stuck in the darkness and not being able to crawl your way out. There is no point in beating yourself up about things that happened in the long past. Once you forgive yourself then others will too.

Sun Opposition Neptune

The opposition between Neptune and the Sun can stimulate a distorted and self-deluding perspective of reality, which tends to create additional problems and obstacles in your life and decision-making. You may find it difficult to analyse and evaluate options and choices correctly, often focusing on self-created and imaginary issues rather than actual problems. Sometimes these can take the forms of voluntary suffering arising from inner guilt patterns associated with deep-lying desires; an expiation or atonement of 'sins', actual or imaginary. This can result in the sacrificial martyr attitude, and is often quite unnecessary, yet in a strange way provides a foundation to your life. Your relationships can be characterised by degrees of confusion and misunderstandings, and through powerful emotions you are liable to overly intimate relationships with fantasies and wishful thinking, forming a deceiving miasma which affects all involved. There can be a pattern operating through you that subverts clear, honest and direct communication, even though you may not fully accept or realise this. You often avoid commitment and entering fully into emotional involvements through fears of being trapped or dominated, which, allied to a suspicious nature, does not augur well for stable relationships. The main problem with inner glamours and illusions is that they are so difficult to identify correctly, and obviously such distorting mirrors make it hard to perceive with clarity. The real effect of spiritual transformation shatters these mirrors. Being able to recognise and acknowledge that such problems exist is the first the first and most important step, followed by consistent action to discover the appropriate remedy. Essentially, you need to strip down your habitual perceptions of others and yourself, so that the reality can shine through more objectively. Facing the reality of avoidance patterns and observing the influence of your emotional biases and defensive mechanisms can be very revealing, as can noting how you distort relationship communication; consider all this without self-condemnation or judgement. In looking lie the seeds of transformation. 

Sun conjunct North Node: Ego and pride are tied to security needs. This person may feel safest when on stage or otherwise at the center of attention. Nurturing becomes connected with praise and admiration (both in terms of what person wants from and gives to others). Close, intimate connections are expected to stroke one's ego. Creative urges are strengthened within family contexts or close ties.  

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