Tuesday, September 13, 2016

3.5R in Berkeley California! <---As predicted!

A magnitude-3.5 earthquake startled Berkeley and other East Bay residents early Tuesday morning.
Its epicenter was near the Warren Freeway, State Route 13, near Joaquin Miller Road, the USGS reports.
The earthquake was recorded at 12:50 a.m., according to the U.S. Geological Service, with a depth of 2.98 miles. A number of reports came in on Twitter from those who felt the quake in Berkeley. 
By 1:12 a.m., the USGS had received more than 1,500 reports from people who felt the quake.
Source: USGS

We warned about today being a vulnerable day in California for an event. We also have published for you the susceptibility calendar! I do not know if this is all for today, in which case it is all over now, relax, but time will tell.
We expected activity yesterday but today is also presents a strong peak as seen below. Let us hope no more for today...

Be Safe Be Good!


ML 3.5
Date time2016-09-13 07:50:22.1 UTC
Location37.81 N ; 122.20 W
Depth5 km
Distances549 km NW of Los Angeles, United States / pop: 3,793,000 / local time: 00:50:22.1 2016-09-13
106 km SW of Sacramento, United States / pop: 467,000 / local time: 00:50:22.1 2016-09-13
6 km E of Oakland, United States / pop: 391,000 / local time: 00:50:22.1 2016-09-13
3 km SE of Piedmont, United States / pop: 10,700 / local time: 00:50:22.1 2016-09-13
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