Friday, August 19, 2016

Queensland earthquake was latest in an active year

A fourth earthquake in a week has been recorded off the coast of Queensland and Geoscience Australia says there's been quite a few in the past 12 months.
The latest was a magnitude three quake recorded near Airlie Beach at 7:37 am on Friday.

Earthquake aftershocks off Queensland

North Queensland residents say "everything started to shake" during an earthquake off Bowen which is followed by numerous aftershocks. Nine News
The Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre said in a statement that based on an assessment of the magnitude and location of the quake there was no tsunami threat to the Australian mainland or islands.
On Thursday a magnitude 5.8 earthquake was recorded about 70km off the coast, northeast of Bowen and last Saturday a magnitude 4.4 earthquake occurred off the coast of Bundaberg, 800km south of Bowen.
Geoscience Australia senior seismologist Jonathan Bathgate said the magnitude of the Bowen earthquake was significant but not the biggest in recent years in Australia.
"We had an earthquake in Northern Territory earlier which was 6.1 and that was the largest earthquake in 20 years and it has certainly been an active 12 months for earthquakes in Australia."
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