Friday, August 5, 2016

Nepal Update for 13th August 2016

13th August is a special day as astronomically a few things go on on the skies. Saturn is station prograde and Jupiter Quincunx Uranus. Jupiter is also opposite Chiron for example.
Our system of prognosis produced a signal over Nepal and we think we may have one or even two events if we are unlucky. In our usual way we try to determine the location of possible events. We can see six locations possible in the following map.
We highlight the locations within the red circles below, and we can see locations C and D are multiple. (3 green dots each) This means more than one components gave the same location, So the possibility there is higher. Location B and E are outside Nepal Borders as we can see one is in China the other in India.

We can Magnify the map a little to see the nearby locations assuming the calculations are correct.

There is a possibility for events E and F to take place above and below Kathmandu as in the map. All other events A,B,C, and D if the occur, they areWEST of Kathmandu.
So we can summarise the earthquake signal as follows:
Date: 13th August 2016
Location: NEPAL
Co-ordinates: (28.51N, 85.3E), (27.29N 85.3E)  (E and F)
                         (28.51N 84.25E), (27.29N, 84.25E)  (C and D)
                          (28.51N, 82.31E)  (27.29N,82.31E) (A and B)

Time: Approx. 17:00-18:00 GMT
Magnitude: 5-6R if it comes

Note: It is possible to come +-1 day but the times would be different.
Be Safe Be Good, I hope to give you more if I get further progress with it.

You can read our methodology here


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