Thursday, August 4, 2016

Heavy Monsoon rains lash Jabalpur, more in the offing

Mp Rain
The month of August began on a rainy note for many parts of Madhya Pradesh. So much so that the state has been receiving heavy rains during the past few days. While several areas have been receiving good rains, heavy Monsoon showers have been lashing Jabalpur for quite some time now.
While the city did not receive very heavy Monsoon rains a day before, heavy Monsoon rains of 75 mm was observed over the city on August 2. Light rainfall has been observed on August 1 as well. However, Monsoon rains have picked up pace during the last 24 hours.

Jabalpur has received a whopping 87 mm of rain during the last 21 hours between 8:30 am on Wednesday and 5:30 am today. So far, the city has recorded 173 mm of rainfall in four days. The monthly average for Jabalpur during August stands at 432.9 mm.
These rains can be attributed to a couple of weather systems which are lingering in close proximity with Jabalpur. The low pressure area is currently over Northeast Madhya Pradesh and its adjoining areas. Also, the axis of Monsoon trough is passing through Madhya Pradesh. Both these features have been resulting in increased rainfall activity.
Now, during the next 24 hours, both the weather features are likely to persist over the region resulting in more rains over Jabalpur and its adjoining areas. Temperatures will also remain in the comfortable range over the city.
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