Wednesday, July 27, 2016

5.3R near HONSHU, JAPAN <----As Predicted!

We are reporting this Honshu event just a few hours ago, where it seems we predicted it correctly.  See our post still in front display in our blog. We said....
DATE: 28th July 2016
Co-ORDINATES: (35.48N, 140E) as well as OR (32.14N, 129.12E)
TIME:  possibly 00:23hrs GMT...........not exclussively, (it means could come later).

Since our date could be +-1,  if this event comes early it could come on tomorrow 27th July   

and we got....


Mw 5.3
Date time2016-07-27 14:47:17.7 UTC
Location36.48 N ; 140.67 E
Depth60 km
Distances111 km NE of Saitama, Japan / pop: 1,193,350 / local time: 23:47:17.7 2016-07-27
25 km NE of Mito-shi, Japan / pop: 246,538 / local time: 23:47:17.7 2016-07-27
9 km E of Funaishikawa, Japan / pop: 35,318 / local time: 23:47:17.7 2016-07-27

I hope you can see the strength of our techniques. It is not the first time, we demonstrate this literally every day.

As far as Japan is concerned we would like to point out that the danger window is not closed yet. So please be careful until this has closed....
We do not have so many people from Japan reading this blog, but if anybody does then keep an eye on the July JAPAN Earthquake CALENDAR. (We update it every month.

Be Safe Be Good!

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