Thursday, July 21, 2016

5.3R in PAPUA NEW GUINEA <-----Spot on

I do not know if people understand what it feels to be right in predicting an earthquake. Imagine a dinosaur, which kills people causes havoc in an ancient community. In their despiration people try to do something about it. Some try to predict its moves and habits, and imagine the satisfaction when they realised that when it was full moon the beast was coming for food in their cave. So they saved themselves and their folks trying to predict its moves...What a releaf!! It certainly has adreniline in it.

The beast this morning was in PNG 5.3 not far from our predicted spot.
Be Safe have a great day!


mb 5.3
Date time2016-07-21 05:45:53.8 UTC
Location7.29 S ; 154.92 E
Depth74 km
Distances603 km NW of Honiara, Solomon Islands / pop: 56,298 / local time: 16:45:53.8 2016-07-21
438 km SE of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea / pop: 26,273 / local time: 15:45:53.8 2016-07-21
124 km SW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea / pop: 2,916 / local time: 15:45:53.8 2016-07-21

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