Wednesday, July 20, 2016

5.1R in Ecuador earlier this morning! <--Spot on prediction!

Earlier this morning we have had off the coast of Ecuador a 5.1R earthquake! I saw it coming from last night but I did not have time to post it. But, there is no need! If someone was keen to know, it is all there! Lets look at Ecuador's Earthquake Calendar! Peaking on 20th! Spot on! So you see you have most you need to know and be prepared, as best as we can we offer you this well in advance. It is not always correct but most times it is!


mb 5.1
Date time2016-07-20 01:20:28.5 UTC
Location0.89 S ; 80.47 W
Depth40 km
Distances155 km NW of Guayaquil, Ecuador / pop: 1,952,029 / local time: 20:20:28.5 2016-07-19
18 km N of Portoviejo, Ecuador / pop: 170,326 / local time: 20:20:28.5 2016-07-19
5 km NW of Rocafuerte, Ecuador / pop: 10,274 / local time: 20:20:28.5 2016-07-19

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