Monday, July 4, 2016

4.7R in Cook Strait, N. Zealand <---As predicted

At 45 minutes after midnight GMT, this 4.7R came in Cook Strait N Zealand! We have been warning about this since we posted our N Zealand Calendar, and more recently in this post.
This is what we posted....
As discussed tomorrow New Zealand prediction calendar has a local peak.
Looking at the possible locations of this event we came up with 41.56S 175.14E and the other at 35.5S 174.5E
Determining the time is not easy at this stage so in theory it could drag to 3rd July 06:00 GMT.
Magnitude: 4-5R

Time will tell!

Here is what actually we got!
We got the co-ordinates right the magnitude right and the date off by 45 minutes, but the actual time in hours was wrong. However we did say that we were not so sure about the time.
Overall a very good prediction!


M 4.7
Date time2016-07-04 00:45:49.7 UTC
Location41.75 S ; 174.05 E
Depth22 km
Distances79 km SW of Wellington, New Zealand / pop: 381,900 / local time: 12:45:49.7 2016-07-04
27 km S of Blenheim, New Zealand / pop: 26,550 / local time: 12:45:49.7 2016-07-04

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