Sunday, June 5, 2016

NEPAL's >5R earthquakes on the map.

All 5R+ earthquakes of Nepal/China Region since 1-1-2016, are shown in red dots in the map below, concentrating on Nepal.
If we add to the earthquake epicentres using our software  Fibonacci Lines vertical and Horizontal, we get a Grid, as shown, where the earthquakes are pretty close on the crossing nodes, as shown in the map below in circles.

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  1. Pls give the dates for these +5 R ,.. will it creates a lot of damage....
    we have suffered a lot earlier give us dates so we can take precautions

  2. These earthquakes are old. They are not future ones! I just show here that they can be linked by simple maths. The dates of those old ones are not shown but they can be found easily from old data.

    1. As read, the sysmic power is yet to release by a quake of 7+. How far it is true?