Tuesday, June 7, 2016

6.2R in MEXICO <----Spot on prediction

I am pleased that this was set off offshore, but pleased also I got the timing to the minute on this one. We were expecting MEXICO  in yesterdays post as well as in our calendar and we did not doubt big leleases of energy are due here.

This 6.2R came exactly as predicted OFFSHORE JALISCO, MEXICO.
MagnitudeMw 6.2
Date time2016-06-07 10:51:44.3 UTC
Location18.57 N ; 105.05 W
Depth55 km
Distances294 km SW of Guadalajara, Mexico / pop: 1,640,589 / local time: 05:51:44.3 2016-06-07
159 km SW of Colima, Mexico / pop: 127,235 / local time: 05:51:44.3 2016-06-07
81 km SW of San Patricio, Mexico / pop: 6,713 / local time: 05:51:44.3 2016-06-07
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