Wednesday, June 15, 2016

5.0R in Afghanistan!

This 5.0R earthquake came in this morning in Afghanistan. Looking into the Afghanistan Calendar, I see there is a peak yesterday, 14th. So today 15th is still within the active window of earthquake. So it is encouraging we seem to have predicted it.


mb 5.0
Date time2016-06-15 09:02:17.8 UTC
Location36.17 N ; 70.52 E
Depth126 km
Distances220 km NE of Kabul, Afghanistan / pop: 3,043,532 / local time: 13:32:17.8 2016-06-15
105 km S of Fayzabad, Afghanistan / pop: 44,421 / local time: 13:32:17.8 2016-06-15
74 km SE of Farkhār, Afghanistan / pop: 10,480 / local time: 13:32:17.8 2016-06-15
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