Saturday, June 4, 2016

-->4.7R in IRAN!

This 4.7R in Iran, was 57km SE of Kerman.
We were expecting this yesterday, it came today, so it is within our stated danger window.

MagnitudeML 4.7
Date time2016-06-04 09:54:14.7 UTC
Location30.04 N ; 57.60 E
Depth2 km
Distances492 km E of Shīrāz, Iran, Islamic Republic of / pop: 1,249,942 / local time: 14:24:14.7 2016-06-04
57 km SE of Kermān, Iran, Islamic Republic of / pop: 577,514 / local time: 14:24:14.7 2016-06-04
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