Friday, May 20, 2016

Our Planets Above Set The Backround Below

Today, Mercury still Retrograde, in awekward sign and aspect with Saturn, sets the ground for all Mercury type activities, not the best time for contacts communication, it will be one of those days! (Take note the Egypt Air Plane Crash).
For Scorpios it would be good to start new projects it will be an intense day for you, but since Mercury is not happy, you need to be careful not to upset people, but they are in front of you you can deal with it it is not as bad as it seems. Geminis are getting at last good days ahead, although initially for a few more days you must be patient, and on 13th June you will thrive in difficulties! A bit of tough time today for Aquarius and Leos, but it will pass, the boss likes you! While Pisces and Cancers will have a good day, a confrontational day for Taurus and annoying for Aries and Geminis. Pleasant surprises for Capris and Virgos today...
In closing this, Be careful Mercury, Traffic Jams Airplane crashes, difficult communications and travel. Be patient!
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