Saturday, May 14, 2016

North America is getting stressed up. Are we soon to see further Earthquakes there?

Two stressy points in North America are shown in the map below, one around San Siego, and the other in Mexico in Jalisco/Colima Regions. It is well known by scientists that South California is ready for a big earthquake, The issue is therefore when. We run our software and we show that both spots are ready and we give some dates too,

Both of the above regions have shown increased Carbon Monoxide emissions and other indicators too show that there mabe active faults there.
MEXICO:--Our software show that for Mexico tomorrow 15th May look like a strong earthquake could appear. The location stated looks likely. Other peaks/dates are also visible, below.
CALIFORNIA--Our software results for May 2016 are shown below, --we see strong peaks on 17th, 20th , 24th and 29th and 31st of May. The strongest at the end of the month.
CALIFORNIA--We show you for the first time here, the predictions for June 2016 below. June we think is going to be critical month and for June, we can see possible days for particularly strong earthquakes are 21st and 26th June 2016.

Only Time will tell, so......Be Safe Be Good!

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