Saturday, May 14, 2016

NEPAL on 16th May?

It is possible that we see some activity in NEPAL on 16th May according to our software.. According to our coordinate calculations if it comes, so dont panic,  the possible locations are: 1) (28N, 82.2E) as most probable, it follows 2) (28N, 84.2E) and 3) (28N, 85.9E) and  4) (29N 82.2E). 
I do not have time at this stage to examine it further today.

 The above co-ordinates are shown in the following maps below.
     1:     (29N 82.2E)

    2:     (28N, 82.2E)

    3:   (28N, 84.2E)

     4:  (28N, 85.9E)

You can read our methodology here.


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