Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Nepal Earthquake, , Politics And Our Future

(Photo: Nepal Tourism Board’s Facebook)
Politics is taking a new dimension in Nepal as Nepalese leaders are taking self-reliant steps and themselves, finding solutions to the problems they are facing. During the last decade, Nepal had people in the political position who were not doing their assigned tasks which caused massive economic and political downturn. This finally made most of the talented and brilliant citizens to leave the nation for foreign countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Belgium, UK, America and Australia with all their family savings often selling all their properties back in Nepal.
Nepalese leaders are learning now that without themselves doing their allotted task, they had been misleading thousands of Nepalese citizens in the wrong direction.
Earthquake has wrought a major havoc throughout Nepal thus also creating an extra-ordinary opportunity to recreate and rebuild infractructures. Most of the old architectures have today vanished, which represented the ancient age and dynasties. Now is a time to recreate and rebuild by utlizing all the sciences Nepalese people have acquired from Europe, Australia and America. Government of Nepal has a great opportunity to enrich itself by creating an environment where all the talented Nepalese across the world can go back and invest themselves in their country of birth.
Nepalese outside Nepal have tremendous knowledge of science and engineering today, but do not have proper guidance and space where they can utilize their skills. Nepalise leaders have a responsibility towards rebuilding their country and helping the ailing, motherless children of Nepal. They can’t do this without the help from innovative Nepalese leaders who are today residing outside the country. Government needs to create an environment where these intelligent people would want to come back and work for Nepalese Government.

Some of the MIT and Princeton graduates who have returned to Nepal have done a tremendous amount of high quality engineering works in Maharajgunj area. Students who returned from the German schools have created many computer consulting companies while talented engineers returning from Australia have created modern apartment complexes throughout Kathmandu Valley.
At this moment, most of the talented Nepalese citizens and billions of dollars belonging to Nepalese citizens are in Russia, UK, USA or Australia. Even members of the late royal family and Ranas have their funds invested in buying highly expensive penthouses in Manhattan and properties in other parts of the world. Lot of NRN leaders have billions of dollars outside the country.
Even if 50% of this fund and skill can come back to Nepal, the country can utilize these resources to rebuild the infrastructures that have been destroyed by the earthquakes and civil war. We have an opportunity today like never before where we can channel the skills and resources Nepalese people have acquired from foreign countries under the leadership of master politicians.


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