Sunday, May 22, 2016

NEPAL 23rd May 2016 ?

If today's double 5R earhquakes in China have not released all the stress in the Region of NEPAL, tomorrow or even the day after could see some extra activity further to today's.

We think, IF THIS happens, the location of the earthquake COULD BE (28.34N, 84.02E) the time of the earthquake COULD BE around 20:00 GMT.
 Other locations could be (27.1N, 84.02E) but this brings it inside INDIA, at 18:00 GMT
or possibly but to a smaller  probability (27.1N, 87.01E)

As I said, this could just as easily not come as today we have had strong earthquakes nearby Nepal, but have it in mind.

You can read our methodology here.


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