Friday, May 20, 2016

Global Events over the Next Few Days?

For the duration of the next few days I am giving you a summary of what I have already published in here from beginning of MAY in as far as our predictions for events in various countries.
One calendar I give is called Global. This is Strong events over Global Scale. Not a specific country. Could be anywhere, but generally >6R  Global calendar for May shows a peak TODAY.  So in theory we should get to day a good event or tomorrow. If not as in any of my predictions, then since I claim +-1 day, then the prediction fails.
Let us now look at the various countries which show possible activity based on their respective PEAKS in the calendars for May. (All dates are +-1 day as I said). You must check your country calendar for details.
  • Indonesia 20th May
  • California 20th May
  •  Iran 21st May
  • New Zealand 21st May
  • Ecuador 21st May
  • Chile 21st May
  • Turkey 21st May
  • Br. Columbia 21st May
  • China, Greece, Nepal 23rd May peak.
No need to panic, here is the output of our research method,

You can read our methodology here.

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