Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Carbon Monoxide Emissions over Asia Today

The Carbon Monoxide emissions over Asia today are shown in the map below: It seems quiet and similar to yesterday apart from small pockets and new pockets of emissions. The reason we show this regularly is NOT because we think that an earthquake will necessarily occur there. It has been discussed before in many places and some scientists tried to relate it to earthquakes, see link. True or not however we believe the more interesting aspect to us of this phenomenon is that we see a PLANETARY LINK to its formation. This is new and we are the first people to notice it and state it. Irrespective of this planetary link, we like the emissions as they indicate which faults or even volcanoes if there are, become active and therefore it becomes a component to the total earthquake picture, (this is often called precursor and we note that not all precursors are reliable). To us therefore these emissions are important to note hence we will continue to post them. Be Safe Be Good!  
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