Saturday, May 7, 2016

Canada takes the 'World Record Prize' this morning!

The 'World Record' takes this morning Canada! The Carbon Monoxide emission seen below located at the encircled dark spot, has 9 parts per million concentration. I looked in the net for safe limits, and found this, which is worse than I thought. I am glad those spots go after a while, but it is amazing. Of course I am also not sure how accurate is the map here in as far as the levels but it does look worrying. My theory which I have stated here openly is, those spots are due to planetary effects, and therefore you cannot do much about. Like earthquakes, you cant do much to avoid them happening. A very interesting area for further research. Be Safe Be Good!
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  1. The carbon monoxide is from Fort McMurry fires!!!!! Not anything to do with earthquakes here. Duh.

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    2. I dont think earthquakepredict said this read so many posts here just the one previous for example. Yes we know about the fires but the fact is the carbon monoxide is high. Nobody says that earthquake focii or faults are the only source of carbon monoxide. It has been clarified so many times in here