Sunday, May 29, 2016

California Today.

We are expecting California to produce an event theoretically today or on 31st. There are two peaks close together, thats is why from now to 1st June is the danger window, now open.
If it comes today, a posible place is (36.7N 119.2W). We will see, it is not easy as the two peaks widened the window.

You can read our methodology here.


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  1. Hello..are you really sure about your info??...because this can cause panic

  2. Hi Rosy, I have just seen your post. We do not wish in ANY way to cause panic. If we are sure it will come an event, nobody is sure until it comes. We have missed events and we were wrong at times. That is why it is up to you to decide if it is worth it. We post here, our research, which we test, and often we get it right. We think we have a powerful method whcih we optimise. It is useful for many people to be cautious on days which are suspect of earthquakes. Panic is wrong whatever. The idea is if you worry about an event, take a kit nearby. Thats all, Be sensible and listen to USGS as they do a sterling job. I hope this helps. Be Safe Be Good.

  3. Hey there, can you give me a rough idea of the areas of interest here in California that might possibly want to be prepared and also the theoretical magnitude in which you are forecasting? Thank you so much, love your work. Please keep it up.

  4. I have not published this yet. It takes a lot of work and pressing is now to publish the Prediction Calendars for other countries. I will try to do that. Just remind me in due cours, before a peak. Have a look at CA calendar I published last night.