Monday, May 16, 2016

BIG ONE FEARS: First earthquake hits after researcher predicts MASSIVE tremor series

AN earthquake in Japan has sparked fears of the Big One after a researcher predicted a series of smaller tremors could lead to a number of MASSIVE ones.

Authorities have been urged to begin preparing disaster plans after today’s tremor in Tokyo.
The earthquake, measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale, is the latest in a number of quakes shaking Japan in the last month.
Just days ago a prominent scientist said all the tremors are linked and building up to a catastrophic earthquake.
Professor Kazuki Koketsu was commenting after 49 people were killed in Japan in a 6.5 magnitude quake on April 14 in Kumamoto, and a 7.3 magnitude one on April 16.

A massive earthquake is predicted to hit Japan
Professor Koketsu, of University of Tokyo’s Earthquake Research Institute, said: “The quake on the night of April 14 triggered the main quake in the Futagawa fault zone.
“We have to be aware that if active faults are connected with others, a series of major earthquakes could occur in areas [in Japan].”
Four tectonic plates overlap each other in Japan, which has led to 2,000 active fault lines. The spate of quakes recently proves they are live and kicking.
Earthquakes are very common in Japan

As one plate moves it affects the others which allows them to gain momentum and could lead to a huge earthquake.
While the country is not in immediate danger from the latest tremor, Nobuo Fukuwa, director of Nagoya University’s Disaster Mitigation Research Center, warned citizens and governments should begin preparation in light of these predictions.
He said: “Areas that have not been hit by quakes recently should change their mind-set and [assume] that the time for a quake is approaching. They should prepare disaster countermeasures, led by local governments.”
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