Tuesday, May 17, 2016

5.1R in Papua New Guinea --->As predicted

Thie 5.1R in Papua New Guinea has just arrived. We have predicted the event peak tomorrow so it is within our window of +-1 day.  Let us hope that s all for PNG as things may not be over there. Fingers Cross.
As an add on, and to show you why one precursor is not often enough to indicate an earthquake in a place, if we see the CO emissions in this spot of the earthquake, we see nothing significant today. Truth be said I have not got yesterdays or previous days emissions, but this earthquake was deep 80km, and no emissions today.

MagnitudeM 5.1
Date time2016-05-17 04:56:03.8 UTC
Location5.32 S ; 151.59 E
Depth80 km
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