Saturday, May 7, 2016

4.9R Gulf of Aden and Carbon Monoxide

This relatively small earthquake at the Gulf has just arrived, but I wanted to post it as an example where a emissions of CO were not there. As I have said before, Carbon Monoxide emissions are NOT necessary to appear for an earthquake to appear. So when one sees CO focii it does not mean an earthquake is due there,--- ALWAYS. That has to be said, and be clear, as it happens today in the Gulf, where there is no CO in the close vicinity. Be Safe Be Good!
Magnitudemb 4.9
Date time2016-05-07 10:51:56.2 UTC
Location13.85 N ; 51.76 E
Depth80 km
Distances831 km E of Sanaa, Yemen / pop: 1,937,451 / local time: 13:51:56.2 2016-05-07
295 km E of Al Mukallā, Yemen / pop: 258,132 / local time: 13:51:56.2 2016-05-07
227 km NW of Qulansiyah, Yemen / pop: 3,500 / local time: 13:51:56.2 2016-05-07
191 km N of Kilmia, Yemen / pop: 2,013 / local time: 13:51:56.2 2016-05-07
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