Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Your Solar System Today!--Will it affect you??

Although yesterday, it seems was more severe than today we still have strong tendency for earthquakes. The Earth System is somehow relieved from enough stress from the recent earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador, but stresses built up soon.
So as far as today, which countries are susceptible to the undesired?

1. Greece is coming up stronger peaking on 21st April according to my published Calendar. So it wont be a surprise to see some early introductory wobble.
2. New Zealand should see some stress building for a possible release on 29th-30th, but the cracks could appear today as I see an increased peak in the earthquake calendar.
3.Kamchatka Region 50N 170E
4. We might even see strange places such as Wales (UK) some very weak tremor, worth keeping an eye.
5. Philippines Region and South China/Vietnam Region

Lets see if any reveals today.

Be Safe, Be Good!

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