Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Today's Planetary Aspects

SATURN-EARTH-MARS alignment pearces the region of Asia close to HOTSPOT VANUATU

We did see today the 'jolt' in Vanuatu and it is worth having a look at the palnets today to see what chord of the solar system was struck.
 As we have pointed out in a recent post, Saturn Earth and Mars are aligned right now and will stay as such for a while. In fact this system behaves like a trombone instrument where you change the length of the pipe to change the frequency of the note. This planetary trio is resonating inducing earthquakes and it will cause trouble for a while. Combine this by the NEW MOON today, what a lovely trigger for the Jolt in Vanuatu!

We can also see today SATURN and the Earth are on the same LONGITUDE number.
 Heliocentrically Jupiter is opposite Ceres and BOTH square MERCURY. 
Geocentrically Saturn is Square Jupiter within 2 degrees. This is an aspect of the year of course and troublesome.
If you look at the Heliocentric view today the Earth is 16 Libra.
Geocentricall today SATURN is 16 Sagittarius
and also MERCURY enters Taurus and Venus enters Aries
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