Saturday, April 9, 2016

To BE or NOT to BE --------->11th April 2016

I expect some fireworks from the end of tomorrow and the 11th April. I will give you some places where preliminary work gives....

1) Indonesia: See our earthquake calendar, but a possible place is 9S 107E  (Pluto-Uranus are bothering Indonesia)

2) Vanuatu:  I thought it would be Solomon Islands but no it seems Vanuatu is better fit. 14S 166E is also a possible place. ( Jupiter Vesta are the culpits here)

3) ALASKA:  South of Nikolski (51.53N 170.3W)  Here Sun -South Node are possible combination and could possibly cause jolts.

4) New Zealand:  Well this has been a quiet place for a while. Pluto and North Node bother NZ recently. Actually it is also Chiron too. It is not a single place only where it is possible to get some smallish event there on the 11th. I will not give co-ordinates here.

5) Nepal: Well Nepal is also possible for a jolt on the 11th theoretically. It is not so easy to get an earthquake on the 11th but it is possible. Saturn is lurking over India. I could make a possible location 28.9N 82.52E but it is not for sure. Time will tell... It is TOO SOON to be sure about the exact locations on all the above.....So do not take this seriously until we check it backwards but we need some time for it......Be Happy Be Safe Be Good!

OK?...this is a test so do not put too much in it.

You can read our methodology here.


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