Thursday, April 28, 2016

Locating Earthquakes! Our NEW Research Work shows PROMISE!

There was a minor earthquake today near Rhodes,  as shown below by the location map and the co-ordinates 36.19 N ; 28.22 E. Two days ago I posted a document about the Greek earthquakes over Easter, until May 2nd. Specifically I posted this location map for today. The predicted location shown by the red  star is shown, and I thought it would be at 27.24E, 36.63N.  Considering this as early research work, this is NOT BAD!!! The interesting aspect is not the magnitude of the earthquake which is small, but the location prediction, which shows great promise for future work.

 The following map is today's small earthquake near Rhodes. Details below:

MagnitudeML 2.4
Date time2016-04-28 11:40:51.8 UTC
Location36.19 N ; 28.22 E
Depth71 km
Distances265 km S of İzmir, Turkey / pop: 2,500,603 / local time: 14:40:51.8 2016-04-28
115 km S of Muğla, Turkey / pop: 48,183 / local time: 14:40:51.8 2016-04-28
28 km S of Ródos, Greece / pop: 56,128 / local time: 14:40:51.8 2016-04-28
10 km E of Archángelos, Greece / pop: 5,398 / local time: 14:40:51.8 2016-04-28
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