Saturday, April 9, 2016

Interesting 3.4R in Crete...and the confession!

A small 3.4R has just been reported in Crete, the location of which is shown above. This is of course hardly one to write home about. However i have a confession to make. As I mentioned, we are doing an important piece of work to locate precisely epicenters. Yesterday we knew that Crete should jolt today but we worked out that the location should be 34,59N 24.75E.  Yesterday I created the following image with the arrow and I posted in here the prediction for today. Since this work has not yet finished, the truth is I chickened out and I removed this post.  I nearly forgot about it and just an hour ago here the Crete earthquake arived! I admit small one. But see the location!! Not Bad! The width (N-S) of Crete is no more than ONE DEGREE in both co-ordinates! So I am VERY HAPPY that the accuracy of this event is so good! I know it arrived on the other of the island but it is one degree the width of the island! I do not think I have correct data better than this so I find hard to believe anyone can do do better than this without sensors ....Anyway just to report this event and compare it with our yesterday chart!   ;-)  [Fibonacci Everywhere!]

MagnitudeM 3.4
Date time2016-04-09 19:27:51.0 UTC
Location35.44 N ; 25.44 E
Depth2 km
Distances321 km SE of Athens, Greece / pop: 729,137 / local time: 22:27:51.0 2016-04-09
30 km NE of Irákleion, Greece / pop: 137,154 / local time: 22:27:51.0 2016-04-09
14 km N of Limín Khersonísou, Greece / pop: 3,103 / local time: 22:27:51.0 2016-04-09
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