Sunday, April 24, 2016

A great prediction day!

At the end of this day here is a review summary of what our methods predicted (below) and what we actually got (above). This is why our methods are one of the best there is in the world in our opinion.
I am glad the earthquakes today were small, I hope nobody got hurt, but that makes our predictions doubly satisfactory as we deserve to be pleased we got it right. Be Safe Be Good!!!

This is what we said yesterday...and what we really got is above.

If we look at the planetary  positions tomorrow with our methods we can have a number of regions on earth which might be affected.
1. Bosphorus Region in Turkey Peaking tomorrow. Note that central Turkey is not so likely as Bosphorus according to our methods.
2. Chile:  Chile is again in the range of influence and the earthquake window is open again.
3. Japan: Japan's window is open here too.
4. Nepal: For Nepal our software show a peak on 24th But Window is open already.
5. Oklahoma : Window opened.
6. Greece and Crete specifically.
7.China window opens tomorrow (23rd)

The following countries to a lesss extend

1. New Zealand ( smaller)
2. Philippines
3. Turkey mainland as mentioned above.

Overall nothing drastic tomorrow we hope. Stay Calm, Be Positve Be Safe Be Good!

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