Saturday, April 23, 2016

5.8R in Ecuador, the aftershocks continue.

As shown by our earthquake calendar of Equador, the series of aftershocks continue in Ecuador and here we have a smaller event than the one we got yesterday. Lets hope things subside there, the suffering is too much already. It seems though we may have a stream of aftershocks to the end of month. :(

MagnitudeMw 5.8
Date time2016-04-23 01:24:36.3 UTC
Location0.62 N ; 80.26 W
Depth30 km
Distances215 km NW of Quito, Ecuador / pop: 1,399,814 / local time: 20:24:36.3 2016-04-22
186 km N of Portoviejo, Ecuador / pop: 170,326 / local time: 20:24:36.3 2016-04-22
25 km W of Muisne, Ecuador / pop: 13,393 / local time: 20:24:36.3 2016-04-22
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