Monday, April 4, 2016

5.3R in Chile--->As Predicted

The ink has not dried yet, and some of you may remember yesterdays post about Chile that the window is open and if you see the Chile earthquake calendar it is clear the peaks give today also being an earthquake date. The today event came mid-day UTC and small-ish magnitude in the sea, is just what I expected.
Magnitudemb 5.3
Date time2016-04-04 12:32:44.0 UTC
Location31.21 S ; 71.78 W
Depth20 km
Distances271 km NW of Santiago, Chile / pop: 4,837,295 / local time: 09:32:44.0 2016-04-04
153 km S of La Serena, Chile / pop: 154,521 / local time: 09:32:44.0 2016-04-04
75 km NW of Illapel, Chile / pop: 22,816 / local time: 09:32:44.0 2016-04-04
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