Friday, January 1, 2016

Planetary Alignments to 10th January 2016.

During the following alignment days especially 5-8th we may have some increase of earthquake .activity globally, and see specific regional predictions for local events,
From today, this particular alignment will last the whole firat 10 days of January.1-1-2016

On 6th january this alignment between Saturn Sun and Mercury appears.
From 5th to 8th january we have the first alignment involving the Earth as well. Earth-Venus-Saturn comes to play just for one day. No other alignment involves directly our planet to the end of the first 10 days.
For the 8th-11th January only we have Earth-Sun-Pluto and Jupiter-Sun-Neptune alignments
For the 11th January only we have the alignment Earth-Sun-Pluto coming to play as well as Uranus-Sun-Venus.


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