Saturday, November 7, 2015

SEE the possible cause of today 's major 6.9R earthquake in Chile! - 7th November Earthquake Prediction Bulletin - No 1.

Earthquake Prediction Bulletin TODAY!  Issue Number 1.

Date: 7th November 2015

This is the first issue, late in the day, most things have happened so we will simply describe why rather than predict. Today it has turned out to be an eventful earthquake day. Today’s global alignment is the one still with us since a few days back when we first reported it in here the MARS-VENUS-EARTH alignment. The major event of the day was this 6.9R earthquake this morning and we can see on the chart the planets Venus at 28 degree Virgo conjunct North Node, Jupiter opposite Chiron, The Moon also is conjunct Mars being followed by Jupiter. 

The Moon-Venus on the same plane at the time, triggered/pinged  this Earth-Venus-Mars alignment to small imbalance to cause this seismic event. Note this is very much on the Ascendant of Chile! I notice also Uranus is on a bad aspect with Jupiter, the Moon crossed its path with Jupiter.

At the same time Jupiter-Sun-Earth have some alignment as we can see from the foto below.

Finally Jupiter-Sun-Nuptune seems to be also in a fine alignment too ongoing and therefore Jupiter’s role here with the moon behind the earth aligned with Jupiter helped a lot. We can see a number of planetary events here adding up.

Finally we can see below Neptune over Chile and Venezuela (where we have had a 5.0R too) and Jupiter nearby obviously affecting the events.

As far as the small 4.0R (it seems it has been downgraded) earthquake in Greece today, we can just show you Neptune prominent here. With all the above imballance

Be Healthy Be Safe Be Good!....   AC

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