Sunday, November 22, 2015

New volcanic island grows 12 times in size since formation two years ago

A volcanic island which was formed in 2013 has grown to 12 times its size, according to Japan Coast Guard officials.

New aerial film footage of the remote Nishinoshima, some 1,000 kilometers south of Tokyo, shows eruptions are still taking place from a crater in the island’s center, and continuous lava flows.

The tiny islet emerged in November 2013 right next to the original Nishinoshima, when molten rock cooled and began to poke its head just above the water. That speck of land grew as the volcano kept going, and soon engulfed its once larger neighbor.

The new island now measures 1,900 meters east to west and 1,950 meters north to south and more than 100 meters tall, the Coast Guard says.

An official of the Tokyo Institute of Technology said volcanic activity is likely to continue for the time being.
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