Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Magnitude 6.9 earthquake hits off Chile

A strong, 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Chile on Tuesday, but there were no immediate reports of damage.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake, initially reported as magnitude 6.8 and then 6.6, was at a very shallow depth of 10 km under the seabed.

Its epicenter was 93km northwest of Coquimbo and 466 km northwest of Santiago.
Σύνδεσμος ενσωματωμένης εικόνας
The earthquake did not trigger a tsunami, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said.

Chile's ONEMI emergency office said there were no preliminary reports of damage, while Chile's navy said the quake was not strong enough to generate a tsunami.

Chile is prone to earthquakes and was hit in 2010 by a powerful 8.8 magnitude earthquake and in 1960 by the largest earthquake ever recorded, at magnitude 9.5.

- Reuters
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