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Date: 23rd November 2015
Period Covered: 21st November - 30th November 2015

 This is our FOURTH brief bulletin covering the period of 21st-30th November covering a summary of all the predictions already published but they are being pulled together in this bulletin. 
We have FULL Moon SUPERMOON coming on 26th Nov.,  the Moon has come to Perigee and we have sun-moon opposition. It seems also that this Supermoon is the last for 2015. 
Other planetary events for the period we cover are:
1) Chiron Station on 28th November,
2) Saturn SQUARE Neptune on 29th November.
3)  Saturn conjunct SUN and Moon SQUARE Venus on 29th November
 Those are the major planetary events for this period. 

Looking at the prediction posts which we have published in here under "Predictions", we see the following things shaping up. Let us look at them one at a time.

1) Bosphorus region: The peaks seem to be on 23-24th (larger)  and 26th .

2) California Region: We see no significant activity here apart from small activity on  29th Nov.

3) British Columbia: Again no significant activity over the period.

4) China: Here we feel very good chance for an event on  26th Nov.

5) Greece: Again our chart results show the 28th and 29th as being important dates.

6) Globally:
Here our algorithm shows an increase in activity over the whole period. The days that stick out a bit more are 25th and 29th.

7) Japan:
Also in Japan we see the 23rd and maybe 30th.

8) New Zealand:
The chart shows if something small should be surfacing from the 23rd and 28th November.  

9) Chile:
The chart shows a peak on 23rd and 27th November.

10) Indonesia:
The chart shows clearly peak on the 22nd and  27th Nov..

11) Papua New Guinea:

The chart shows no significant peak for the rest of this month.


The chart shows clearly peak on 23rd 27th and 30th of this month.

Be Healthy Be Safe Be Good!....   ACB 

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