Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Earthquake Prediction Bulletin! A first of its kind.

We have pioneering techniques for earthquake prediction and we have for the first time produced calendar style Earthquake Prediction Bulletin. This is a significant development in view of the high prediction rate of the method. Today we have had early (UTC) this morning two earthquakes so far of magnitude greater than 5R both of which were predicted by our technique and were posted in our blog and in our prediction bulletin. One earthquake is 5.0R in Kyushu Japan and the other 5.2R in Banda Sea Indonesia.
We hope that you will support our efforts in improving our research by your constructive feedback. If you live in a region where we have not posted any predictions it is because of the workload we have in coping with this project. However since we observe the visitor statistics if we see a large number of visits from a country this increase of interest is important and then it is likely we will focus there too. So spread the word if you wish us to focus in aspecific region. Many thanks for all your support so far.
The team.
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  1. earthquake tom here how about that japan? keep watching mexico....check out chart on seismic forecast post

  2. how about that japan? watch mexico on the rise