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Earthquake Prediction Bulletin TODAY!  Issue Number 3.

Date: 11th November 2015
Period covered 11th-20th November.

This is our third brief bulletin covering the period of 11th-20th November. 
We have New Moon today and it has started with firecrackers displaying two very strong earthquakes in Chile as we have seen, followed by a series of smaller earthquakes, being the highlight of today's activity it seems. Other planetary events for the period we cover are: 
1)Tomorrow 12th November Pluto is on min declination, 
2) On 17th November we have Mercury conjunct Sun, 
3) on 18th November we have Neptune station, followed by 
4) 19th November Moon square Sun. 
Those are the major planetary events for this period. 

We will also next discuss any planetary alignments to the 20th November.


  • Tomorrow 12th November: We have NEPTUNE-SUN-JUPITER are aligned and this lasts the WHOLE period!.
  • We have VENUS-SUN- PLUTO 
  • If we look geocentrically, we have Vesta conjunct SOUTH NODE and MARS conjunct NORTH NODE 


  • 14th and 15th November: (lasting 2 days) VENUS-SUN-Pluto receeding and
  • URANUS SQUARE PALLAS on 15-16th.
3) 16th November: Uranus Square Moon (geocentric), 
4) 17th November: EARTH-SUN-MERCURY exact alignment 
5) 19th November: MOON SQUARE SUN (geocentric) and     

Looking at the prediction posts which we have published in here under "Predictions", we see the following things shaping up. Let us look at them one at a time.

1) Bosphorus region: The peaks seem to be on the 11th, 15-17th and 20th.

2) California Region: We see no significant activity here apart from the 11th.

3) British Columbia: Again no significant activity over the period.


4) China: Here we feel very small chance on 16th.

5) Greece: Again our chart results show the 20th as being important date for a stronger event. Other dates for smaller are the 15th, and lesser the 17th. We will see.


6) Globally:
Here our algorithm shows an increase in activity over the whole period. The days that stick out a bit more are 16th and 19th but it seems we can have good chances for 6R most days. So an active period.

7) Japan:
Also in Japan we see the 14th and 16th stick out more.

8) New Zealand:
The chart shows if something small should be surfacing from the 18-19th November.  
9) Chile:
The chart shows a peak on 15th November and reduced on 20-21st November.

10) Indonesia:
The chart shows clearly peak on the 11th 17th and 19th of this month.

11) Papua New Guiness:

The chart shows clearly peak on the 17th and 20th of this month.


The chart shows clearly peak on 21st of this month, could be 4R, with a reduced activity 13/14th November, <4R

Be Healthy Be Safe Be Good!....   ACB 

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